About the "Skyscraper: Stairway to Chaos" game

15 December 2008

The action of the game takes place in 2012 in Iraq. The warfare is over and the governments of some countries decide to reconstruct the ancient city of Babylon in the suburbs of Baghdad. The necropolis is literally erected form sand and in the center of the city a hundred-story Skyscraper is raised. In its basement lie the ruins of the legendary Babylon Tower open for tourists to see!

The protagonist is Nick Spenser, a collector-adventurer. He arrives to the Skyscraper right before it becomes the center of a tremendous cataclysm. The waters of the ruinous deluge, earthquake, and fires turn the building into a labyrinth of chaos. But the true terror is yet to come, the boundaries between our world and mythical world melt letting the most unbelievable creatures to the floors of the Skyscraper.

"Skyscraper: Stairway to Chaos" is a first person shooter created on the base of a new generation Ace3D Engine. Controlling Nick Spenser you will go through different locations of a mysterious Skyscraper alive with phantoms from different epochs, creatures from the most ancient mythology known and chaos. You will uncover a conspiration, combat with gods and save the mankind from being eradicated from the Tablets of Destiny...