Wallpapers from the game
Wallpapers from the game
About the "Skyscraper: Stairway to Chaos" game
The action of the game takes place in 2012 in Iraq. The warfare is over and the governments of some countries decide to reconstruct the ancient city of Babylon in the suburbs of Baghdad. The necropolis is literally erected form sand and in the center of the city a hundred-story Skyscraper is raised. In its basement lie the ruins of the legendary Babylon Tower open for tourists to see!
The official site of "Skyscraper: Stairway to Chaos" game is released.
We have arranged a set of materials highlighting the details of the "Skyscraper: Stairway to Chaos" game. From now on you can search this site for new sketches of the characters, locations, weapons, screenshots from the game, character profiles, historical notes, details of the game process, twists and turns of the plot and the technologies used when creating this game. Enjoy the journey in Babylon Rebuilt!